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Planning Your Yorkshire Dales Holiday

Are you planning a holiday to the Yorkshire Dales region of northern England? If so, you're certain to have a wonderful time. You will enjoy the time you spend in the area, and will have an opportunity to create brilliant memories sure to last a lifetime.

What to Do in the Yorkshire Dales Area

There are so many things to see and do in and around Yorkshire Dales National Park that you'll find it difficult to decide which activities to participate in first. If you aren't able to make it to every attraction, keep in mind that leaving a few sights unseen is a perfect excuse to plan another Yorkshire Dales holiday in the near future.

Visit Yorkshire Dales National Park

You can't overlook visiting the very park for witch the Yorkshire Dales region is named. There is no better place to enjoy the peaceful and serene beauty of the countryside of the northern part of England than from within the borders of this lovely park. Whether you enjoy outdoors activities such as riding horses or cycling, or you treasure the idea of relaxing and observing the native wildlife, you'll have an excellent experience when you visit the park.

Absorb the Region's Historical Architecture

No visit to the Yorkshire Dales area is complete without viewing and touring a number of the castles, abbeys, and private homes in the area. There are so many stunning properties of historical significance in the Yorkshire Dales region, it isn't likely that you'll have time to tour each building of interest. At a minimum, you should make the effort to see as many of the English Heritage buildings as possible while you're in the area.

Explore the Underground Beauty of White Scar Cave

If you have an affinity for caves and love the idea of spelunking in comfort, be sure to include a guided tour of White Scar Cave while you're in the region. Located within the boundaries of the national park, White Scar Cave is renowned as the longest show cave anywhere in England. You'll marvel at the breathtakingly beautiful subterranean scenery that includes streams, water falls, and various cave formations.

Relax at a Local Brewery

At the end of a long day of taking in the sights and scenery of Yorkshire Dales, you'll treasure the opportunity to visit one of the working breweries located in the area. If you're up for one more tour, you'll be able to get an up close and personal glimpse of how award winning ales are made at one of the two Theakston breweries in the area. The good news is that lovely ale samples will be waiting for you when the tour is complete.

Planning Your Holiday

This is just a tiny sample of the many activities you may choose to enjoy during your holiday. There are many other things to see and do in the Yorkshire Dales area. Whether you're planning a romantic mini-break, or are looking for an ideal spot for a family holiday, you can't go wrong when you decide to spend your time in this lovely part of England.